About us

Tryquestion is focusing on all tourists from
abroad who want to visit Greece.


Tryquestion made it possible for every customer to contact the accommodation of his/her
choice in real time.

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Actually, the application is giving visitors the opportunity to ask about the availability of the rooms, direction details or they can even negotiate for a better price directly
with the hotel. Also, tryquestion provides visitors the option of searching for hotels, apartments and travel agencies which are located nearby and to contact them in real time.

This option makes it possible for users to get their answers instantly and to arrange their schedule on their
own terms.

Οur mission

When someone contacts the accommodation of his/her choice, they will have a real-time conversation with a real person via Facebook Messenger or even via phone call. They can ask the host for the room availability or even for a better price, and they will get their answers directly. It should be mentioned that it is not possible to make an online reservation through tryquestion, but it is possible to contact the host directly to make the reservation of her/ his choice. The application is listing travel agencies and hotels based on the visitor’s distance so he/she will always find the closest accommodations easily. With a basic search tool, it is also possible to type the desired address or preferable area, or to use the map to find the ideal room for everyone. The application has been ready to be downloaded for free, without any charge by any user of android in the beginning of May 2019. For any further information the official website of the application www.tryquestion.com is available for any user.