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Our application is appearing and listing hotels based on your distance so you can always find the closest accommodations easily. Also, with our basic search tool, you can type your desired address or the preferable area, or you can even use our map to find your ideal room that fits your needs.

Chat with the accommodation of your choice in real time.

Our application is standing out because it allows you to contact the accommodation instantly via Facebook Messenger or phone. Also, you will be able to see all the contact details (telephone number, website address, etc.) on your screen.

Get better deals and secure the lowest price in luxury hotels.

With our application, you can talk straight to the host or the reception of the hotel so they can check their room availability and gives you a better price in minutes.
Choose the best deal for you.

Better hotel experience

When you contact the accommodation of your choice, you have a real-time conversation with a real person through Facebook Messenger or phone. You can ask the host for room availability or a better price, and he/she can reply to you instantly.

Better price in minutes

For example : Μost of the time the price difference is close to -20%,
for 100€/Room price for two days, you can win 20€ !

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