Facebook’s travel ads enable you to automatically promote relevant travel inventory with unique creative, across any device. Your travel ads may appear on Facebook, Instagram and/or Audience Network, depending on the ad placements you choose.

Currently, travel ads support 3 types of travel inventory: hotels, flights, and destinations. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up hotel ads, which will help you generate bookings by showing off your property and rooms, and letting people know about your current availability.

In order to complete this type of ad, you’ll need:

A Facebook Page
A Facebook ad account
A Facebook catalog
A Facebook pixel installed on your website
Set up hotel ads
There are 3 key steps to set up hotel ads. Click the links below to learn how to complete each step.

Note: If you are a developer, we recommend using Facebook’s API documentation for advanced information and sample files.

Step 1: Set up your catalog
Step 2: Implement a pixel and/or mobile SDK
Step 3: Create an ad template
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Get Additional Support
Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs) and feed support specialists can help save you time and assist with things like developing creative, building audiences, setting budgets, reporting and more. Read the information below to figure out which resource is right for you. Depending on the needs of your business, it may be worthwhile to use multiple resources to support your advertising needs.

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